Sunday, 9 January 2011

Thesis Outline

This is a brief outline covering some of my interests in my dissertation, An area of focus that I would like to consider is how the language of landscape manipulates and inspires an artist in a range of , motifs and techniques inevitable creating a unique influential visual outcome, although the fundamentals have derived from the same spectrum of inspiration. ( the environment that we exist in )

Although this idea seems very excess able I would also like to highlight other areas of landscape that have a detachment from the common reality. Dystopian environments and contemporary combat landscape an environment that many of us do not understand . As I feel they share common interesting relations that I can examine. Exploring the elements of visual, social, political, and symbolic connections.

One example of this relation in a dystopia film Brazil the various components of the cities machinery, such as plumbing wiring etc. are reminiscent of human veins and archery’s contributing to the idea that the city is being contained with in a living organism,

therefore a organisation that has boundaries and limitations of containment. Which I see being symbolised in a war-scape in regards to the individual soldier, as the individual is confined to the notion of the duty that they have and the limited perimeters of the land they are operating in..

I would like to expand on the potential of landscape and how as a collective understanding these distinct worlds exist in parallel to each over. Building up a diverse picture of how society has developed in dystopian and utopian circumstances and where universally we could end up.

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  1. how's this shaping up Ricky? any specific sources to cite, and has the interim show piece moved your thinking on at all?