Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ideas Ifluences and starting points

my practice is developed from found and self directed imagery from military landscapes to suburban landscape, abandoned areas and film etc i use my interpretation, combining various elements and influence to create paintings prints collage and drawings. within my practice it is important to me to create a dialogue between the combination of images,(source material) and how i may use the medium that works best  to push my practice, this is a particular area that i will be developing, ( become more experimental with the medium and material). Here are some examples of influences and work.    

(left) This is an image which is influential from a documentary on the front line.

(left) collage i developed from various source material, an example of a thought process that i can paint from creating experimental new subject matter an relationships between subject and visuals.   

This is an image from an artist Sigmar Polke, who is a big influence within my work. Polke combines areas of his practice to develop single paintings and prints which is an area that i would like to explore.
Polke combines figurative prints with loose landscapes highlighting an underlining narrative that is under pined by the structure of the canvas. Polke's work is generated from child hood photography and experience. 

 Ideas for later works combining lino, print and paint